Q & A with a Rice Student

As you already know, I am actively involved in the Student Admission Council (if I wasn’t, you clearly would not be reading this right now…). But apart from my role as a blogger, I am also a lunch host (so, yes! Please sign up for an official campus tour and you may just actually meet me in the real world!), assist with online recruitment, and volunteer as a hometown ambassador. Last night I was lucky enough to be able to represent Rice University at Katy Independent School District’s College Fair; besides meeting lots of prospective students and their families, I encountered some frequently asked questions which I thought I would share with y’all.

1. Why did I pick Rice when I am from the Houston area?

While I know that some local Houstonian high school students may start experiencing cabin fever and want to get as far away from home as possible for their post-secondary education, Rice has such a vibrant and inclusive student culture that when you arrive for freshmen year, you won’t feel as if you are still in the same city. Rice is surrounded by so many off campus activities that I am sure you didn’t have the chance/permission/opportunity to enjoy while in high school; plus, the Residential College system unique to Rice serves as an amazing social core that truly epitomizes the saying “home is where the heart is”: I wouldn’t care if I was in Antarctica or still in the hometown where I grew up… the students make Rice what it is and that is something geography couldn’t change.

2. Why did I apply early decision to Rice?

This is easy… because I knew Rice was the place for me! Between the exceptional class sizes that allow for my professors to actually get to know who I am and what I am passionate about on a personal level, the Residential College system (which I have bragged about enough by this point), the unprecedented opportunities for undergraduate research as well as the chance to study abroad regardless of my major, I was one hundred and ten percent positive that Rice was the school where I would not only meet my academic goals, but also enjoy every second that I am there.

3. Does the college system stratify the student body?

Nope! While everyone maintains extreme college pride, we all love each other. The competitive nature between the colleges is more closely tied to tradition and loyalty, not downright animosity. Each college hosts public parties open to everyone on campus and it is really fun to get dressed up (parties are always themed) with friends and go meet students from other colleges. Moreover, classes are not college based; you will meet students from every college your first semester at Rice and be able to form friends that way as well.

Alright, those were just of the few things that repeatedly arose last evening. Remember that you can always shoot me an email if there is something you would like me to elaborate on.


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