About Rice Escape and Other Rice Clubs

Author: Janai K., ’23

Rice has a large amount of clubs on campus that cater to a variety of interests that students have. Some clubs include focuses on religion, ethnicity, careers, and academic interests. These clubs allow students to get involved with life at Rice outside of classes. 


One of the clubs I joined during my first semester at Rice was Rice Escape. At first, I thought Rice Escape was a club that went and did escape rooms. In actuality, we are a club that creates escape rooms for the student and faculty at Rice. When I first learned about the club, I was surprised to find that there was a club that was so specific to something I was interested in. 


It was the club’s first semester at Rice, so I got to join a new club and help develop the club’s culture. In our first meetings, we were split into groups called ‘murders’ and we would solve riddles in order to get points. Additionally, we started having Thursday dinners so that everyone could get to know each other outside of club meetings. All of this helped me to meet and get to know some amazing people at Rice who are interested in the same things I am, and not just from my residential college.


Along with meeting new people, Rice Escape also gave me great experiences that I can apply in my career. As a part of the room, I was in a group that focused on making a software puzzle. The puzzle was a maze-like game where players had to work together to get past obstacles and ‘escape’ the game. I had never programmed a video game before, so the entire process was new to me. I learned to map out levels in order for the programmers to understand and help create the levels. I also learned how to use Unity and create icons and stages. On top of my software experiences, I was also able to help as a game master, the people who run the escape rooms and give hints to players when they are stuck. It was very entertaining to watch people work through our puzzles, but the experience also helped us learn what we needed to do in order to make our room the best it could be. Overall, I learned a lot about puzzle making and running an escape room, and these will be experiences that I remember as I continue in my career. 


Being apart of Rice escape has benefited me in so many ways. It has definitely helped shape my Rice experience so far. I believe that joining a club makes the Rice experience even better because you are able to branch out and meet other people outside of your residential college and major. Furthermore, it gives you something to do outside of class that caters to what you want to do.