Being BioE at Rice

Rice has a popular Bioengineering program. Whether you are pre-med, pre-grad or pre-industry, Rice’s top-10 ranked program, its proximity to the Texas Medical Center, and various research opportunities make being a Bioengineer at Rice an incredibly rewarding experience. I came into Rice wanting to be a Bioengineer (or BioE, as they are called), but not […]

Unconventional Dining

Although Rice has great dining options, sometimes the food can get monotonous. It’s at times like these that my friends and I use the extremely helpful Rice Village Shuttle and explore the variety of dining options at Rice Village. Here are some of my top picks, restaurants that I frequent on Friday nights after a […]

Shepherd School Concerts

I always loved classical music, but I never knew much about it. Growing up in India, classical music concerts were sparse, far away, or too expensive. I had only listened to Mozart and Beethoven on YouTube, and I was always enraptured by the lilting melodies and the intricate compositions. It was my dream to witness […]