Continuation of Study Abroad Options

As promised, I am continuing my explanation of Rice study abroad procedures! I understand that y’all may only have vague ideas about where you want to study overseas (or even if you actually do!), but hopefully this information will serve as a handy comparison for international studies programs at other universities.

Foremost, at Rice University, any student interested in studying abroad is required to attend a “Step One” preliminary information session; it is here that you will learn about application requirements and what universities offer direct student exchange programs with Rice and what other institutions provide Rice approved curriculums. Next, you are encouraged to verify your eligibility to study abroad: students must

  • Be a degree seeking undergraduate Rice student
  • Have completed freshman year
  • Be in good disciplinary standing
  • Have attended a Step One Info Session or watched Step One online
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (some programs may require higher GPA)
  • Be in good academic standing

Now here comes the really fun part—researching and exploring your options! Before selecting to study for the summer session in Florence, Italy, I researched many other universities in many different locations, including Denmark, France, and India. Rice has a very helpful search tool that assists you in finding programs related to your academic goals; some colleges may allow you just study abroad anywhere you feel like it (and therefore your first thought may be “Fiji! Perfect!”), but Rice really narrows down your program offerings based on your intended major—not location. Thus, even though I always dreamt of spending an entire semester eating croissants in Paris, Florence better coincided with my interest in Renaissance art history.

Furthermore, students will talk with their Academic Advisor, Major Advisor and Study Abroad Faculty Advisors to ensure that their proposed courses abroad will complement their Rice academics. After exploring financial aid and scholarship opportunities as well as discussing your ideas with your family, you will be fully equipped to finally decide on a program. All that is left for you to do is complete the Rice study abroad application and the other university’s application!

 For more study abroad information, be sure to check out!

Next week I will provide an overview of the top questions I was asked during the Early Decision Admission Online Chat that was held this past Tuesday night. If you ever wondered what outfits you should bring, how the parties are, or if there is a valid reason that your parents should let you have your car on campus, be sure to check back next Thursday!


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