Ask and You Shall Receive

Author: Virginia G., ‘22 While at Rice, I’ve learned that you can get a lot by just asking. Trust me, I know it can be terrifying to ask people for opportunities, but the worst that can happen is someone says no, which puts you right back where you started. Maybe you didn’t move forward, but […]

Things To Do Around Rice

Author: Janai K., ’23 As an out-of-state student, part of why I choose Rice is because of Houston and everything it has to offer. During my first semester at Rice, I have found that there are many different things that make living in Houston very entertaining.    Rice Village One place students go often is […]

Be Amazed at Owl Days

Congratulations to those of you that have been admitted to Rice! Whether you have already paid your deposit or are still trying to make your college decision, I highly recommend attending Owl Days, a two-day program for admitted students that allows you to experience everything that Rice has to offer. Here are seven reasons why […]

Free Food!

As any good college student knows, one of the best things about college is that free food is literally everywhere. It’s the number one lure for getting people to leave their rooms or go to club events, and Rice is obviously no exception. There are literally so many places to get free food on campus. […]