The A-Team, Explained

Author: Cynthia G., ’23 Rice is recognized for its Residential College system. Within each of our 11 residential colleges on campus we have a group of adults (the Adult Team, or A-team) who, together with the student-composed Executive Council, work to ensure that the college continues running smoothly.  The A-Team is composed of the Magisters, […]

Employment Opportunities on Campus

Author: Alice L., ’22 For those participating in a Work-Study program to those wanting to make a little extra money on the side from a job that lets you work from the comforts of campus, there are many opportunities available for you at Rice. The online job database Handshake (frequently used by the Center for […]

Pre-Med Culture

Author: Cyrus W., ’23 When people think of pre-medical students, things like stiff competition, backstabbing, and generally stressful environments are often some of the first things to come to mind. However, in my experience, the pre-med culture at Rice is just the opposite. Despite the rather large amount of aspiring pre-meds at Rice, the hypercompetitiveness […]

Avoiding Burnout at Rice

Author: Jacob D., ’23 As most know, Rice is a highly ranked institution, and of course with that comes the rigor of such a university. In this atmosphere, some students find it easy to get burnt out throughout the semester. However, at Rice there are many solutions to avoiding burnout.  Across campus, options are provided […]