Fun In Houston

Eating out at a Houston restaurant.

Rice creates a really fun environment for students to live in. Some students rarely leave campus, as there is always so much to do. But on the weekends, there are many fun things to do off campus in the fun and vibrant city of Houston. I have only lived in Houston for about eight months now, so I will by no means be able to give anything close to an exhaustive list of the fun things to do in Houston. I will nonetheless give a summary of my off-campus experiences.

At a concert at Stereo Live, a club about 10 minutes away from Rice.

There are many fun places to eat near campus. Houston, being such a large city, will have just about any variety of food you can imagine, but some of my favorites are Torchy’s Tacos and Amy’s Ice Cream, which both happen to be Austin places that have a location near Rice. (I am from Austin so I enjoy this). The Rice Village also has many fun places to eat, which is convenient given that you can find many great restaurants in a ten minute walk from campus.

Aside from food, Houston has many fun clubs and venues that are not located too far from campus. I know a group of people who go two-stepping almost every weekend. There are also some fun electronic music dance clubs not too far from campus, which I enjoy going to.

There are a few places near campus that every Rice student has gone to. For example, there is a Target about 5 minutes away from Rice where everybody goes to get all their school supplies, bedroom items, party items, snacks, and other things of the sort.

An aspect that I really love about Rice is that you will get all the advantages of going to a relatively small school while having access to the fourth largest city in America. It really creates an amazing college experience.

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