Rice vs. UTSA Homecoming Game: Centennial Style

Rice Stadium was definitely the place to be on Saturday, October 13th. Tailgate Owley was lined with food trucks, bouncy houses, and tons of people waiting in anticipation for the Rice vs. UTSA football game. One of the final events of Rice’s Centennial Celebration, this homecoming game was one for the record books.

The MOB and cheerleaders line the Owl Tunnel, waiting to cheer the Owls on to victory.

As the college presidents and football players ran through the owl tunnel, the Rice fight song echoed through the stadium. Thousands of spectators filled the stadium, consuming various concessions and reconnecting with old friends, and watched with excitement and anxiety for the game versus the undefeated UTSA. However, the anxiety quickly washed away and the crowd erupted in cheers as Rice scored the first points of the game.

My friend Laura sports her "Centenni-nails" for the homecoming game.

Rice’s momentum continued to pick up through halftime, at which the Owls were ahead 13 – 3. During halftime, the MOB, Rice’s “marching” band, delivered a humorous performance about the University’s 10th Centennial celebration, and alumni from the 1962, ’67, ’72, ’77, ’82, ’87, ’92, ’97, ’02, and ’07 classes of Rice presented their incredibly generous financial gifts to the University – a sight that made all Rice students, both past and present, applaud with joy and gratefulness.

In the second half, Rice faced a UTSA comeback, but remained valiant and held off their opponents. As generations of Rice students stood watching, the clock ticked to zero, and the Owls had extended their homecoming winning streak yet again.

Final score: Rice 34, UTSA 14. What an AWESOME way to celebrate Rice’s centennial!

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