Things I Learned from Living with 7 girls

Midterms weeks involve copious amounts of coffee, random papers stuffed into books and the (frequent) Buzzfeed updates. As a result, this blog post will be featured as a list about the  perils/turmoils/happiness/joys that only living in a room with 7 other girls will cause.

1. Girls have a ton of products. Seriously dude, the internet is not joking when they say this. Each one of us has at least 10 bottles of some sort sitting in the bathroom. Our shower is just littered with bottles ranging from the usual shampoo/conditioner/soap to four different types of face wash and two types of mouthwash per person.

2. Girls eat a TON. Sure, we may daintily pick at our salads in the servery but boy oh boy do we love chocolate. We have a halloween sized bowl of candy in our suite….and it’s gone in 6 days.

3. If you need a friend, people are there AT ALL TIMES to bash on whomever injusticed you and will voluntarily drop what they’re doing to buy you ice cream and talk to you.

4. ALL THE MUSIC. Seriously though, our suite is half Arctic Monkeys half Taylor Swift.

5. Endless love. Walk in at 3 AM from the library and someone will be sitting there with chips, decorating the walls or generally redditing on our couches.

6. Everything you could possibly want plus more. Living with your seven best friends is highly stressful but completely awesome.

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