May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor

Every year, my residential college, Jones, has held Floor Olympics, a competition among the various floors (and even OC—off campus) consisting of standard events such as dodgeball, sand volleyball, talent show, etc. Ultimately, the winning floor earns a cash prize and the all-important bragging rights.

This year, one of the events took us all by surprise. Our socials committee came up with the idea to hold a Hunger Game! Each floor would have willing freshman sign up as tributes, while upperclassmen could sign up as mentors. Afterwards, a Reaping would take place, resulting in the selection of one girl and one guy freshman tribute as well as one mentor to represent each floor. These tributes are then dressed by their mentor a few days later for an interview with our very own rendition of Caesar Flickerman. Additionally, in the time leading up to the Games, each floor’s members can go to the coordinators to earn points towards gifts by answering related trivia, re-enacting scenes from the Hunger Games series, or even bribing with baked goods.

So far all of this has taken place, and today is the day of the actual Games! Looking over the rules, I was thoroughly impressed by how closely our version follows the Hunger Games of the series. Included are muttations and a cornucopia. The weapons consist of water guns, light sabers, and…TOMATOES?! I’m a bit concerned about the last one, given that the Games will commence within the walls of our college—it would be my luck to step out of my dorm, only to be pelted by nature’s grenade. Nevertheless, I look forward to seeing how it goes this afternoon. Go Second South!!!

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