Rice Lunch Bonding

It’s approximately 11:55am, suddenly you see giant crowds of Rice students talking, laughing and walking towards the various serveries. This is one of the many great things about Rice, the fact that (the vast majority of) class times allow students to eat lunch with each other every day. This unique scheduling allows students to bond and take a much needed midday break together.

I always enjoy walking on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with my fellow music major friends to one of the serveries after class. This scenic walk is followed by a leisurely lunch with them, discussing everything from orchestral repertoire to cell phone games.

On Tuesday and Thursdays I eat lunch at my residential college, Will Rice. These lunches are always filled with equally fun and enlightening conversations. They are filled with tasty food as well, from lunch crepes to sweet potato fries.They also include daily announcements run by the secretaries.

Lunchtime is also a great time to interact with one of the many interesting residential college associates. These associates are Rice University professors and people from the community who are affiliated with one of the residential colleges. They are commonly seen eating lunch with students in the servery. Thursdays are my O-week group’s designated O-week lunch day. We always look forward to catching up on everyone’s week and talking to our group’s First Year Mentor professor.

My time at Rice has really taught me to appreciate the importance of lunchtime camaraderie. It is something that has certainly strengthened by friendships at Rice. It has also allowed me to meet, communicate with and learn from a great variety of people. This has certainly contributed to my sense of familial community at Rice.

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