Esperanza 2013

Two weekends ago, I attended my final homecoming at Rice University. I’ve been to every Esperanza (that’s our name for the homecoming dance) since my very first semester at Rice, and I can safely say that Esperanza 2013 was a fitting finale for my undergraduate experience.

While the spring semester will be full of senior-only events, Esperanza was the last campus wide dance that I’ll be attending. It was held on campus in a large (and very nice!) tent near the School of Music. A DJ was flown in specifically for the event, and there was plenty of food, including tons of pizza, to sustain the students. Because it was homecoming weekend, my schedule was packed with both admission activities (shout out to all of the prospective students I interviewed that weekend!) and homecoming festivities. It was great to have a break before my second round of midterms, even if the weekend was short lived.



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