Fresh from the Farmers Market

gems from the Farmers Market

Lately, the weather’s been amazing here! That is, aside from the plague of pollen that’s settled over campus. In anticipation of spring recess and going home (I’m from the suburbs of Houston), I decided to pay a visit to the Rice Farmers Market. The market is out at the West Stadium Lot every Tuesday from 3:30 to 6:30 pm, rain or shine. Though it’s certainly not the biggest market there is, I would agree that the market has quite a bit to offer—from fresh bread, produce, eggs, meat and goat cheese, to prepared foods, Indian cuisine, sweets, soaps, gluten-free and vegan options, to even organic doggie treats! Better yet, visitors are welcome to pet the puppies up for adoption. (For a more comprehensive list, see here). BEST of all though, is that the farmers market accepts tetra points; on-campus students get 50 per semester with their meal plan! That day I had brought my wallet along, and made my purchases in cash. Given all the options, it was hard to choose what I wanted to buy, but I ultimately decided on a sturdy bunch of beets and a fresh batch of Greek goat cheese, which I figured would complement one another well in a salad. I left the farmers market happy with my purchases, enjoying walk back on the outer loop in the speckled afternoon sunshine. Today, I got to use some of the goat cheese in a crunchy red cabbage salad with a rosemary and honey yogurt dressing—Yum!

Red cabbage salad with rosemary honey yogurt dressing AND goat cheese crumbles

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