Saturday Salad Study Break

Somehow at the end of this semester, I found myself without any finals! So I decided to put my time to good use, and hosted one last event as this year’s food rep for my residential college. To foster an appreciation for whole foods, healthy eating, and cooking for oneself, I decided to host a salad-making/tasting event over finals period, when most people would be too busy to go out for dinner on a Saturday evening. To do so, I first applied for money–Jones has a JIBA fund of $1000 for Jonesians to apply for when they have an idea of how to use it! I was so excited to have gotten the support of my fellow Jonesians, who granted me $150 to make the event happen. I decided to do a kale, plum, pear and goat cheese salad, a crunchy chicken salad, a curried lentil salad, a mango avocado quinoa salad, a basil tomato mozzarella salad, as well as a mint, ginger and lime cantaloupe salad! The event turned out way better than I could have expected–a good number of people came to help out, and even more people came to try the salads. A number of people even asked me for the recipes, to which I happily obliged. Based on the positive reception, I hope to see this become an annual event!

Salads galore!

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