Let’s get physical?

My friend, who works at the Rice Recreational Center, jokes that if you really want to work out, skip the first three weeks in the semester. It’s practically useless to work out then; every machine is booked from the faux-early risers and the night owls who have-to-get-that-run-in. And then…it dies.

After four semesters of doing just that, I knew I needed a change. I was going to be HEALTHY this semester.

So I got the INSANITY workout from a friend and decided that 63 days is nothing. I could do that. Hell, I’ve waited longer for a Harry Potter book to come out. 63 days is basically as long as all three extended-edition-Lord-of-the-Rings-movies. And to prove it, I texted a picture of myself post-workout to my sister. If she didn’t get a picture in 24 hours, she had the right to post something socially embarassing on my Facebook wall.

Turns out I care if people see pictures of me from 10 years ago. I finished the challenge and I only missed 6 days (!). I blame finals.

I’m going to take the challenge again. And this time, I can do it without social motivation. I think. Check back in 63 days.


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