Theatre at Rice – Bob: A Life in Five Acts

This semester, Rice’s Visual and Dramatic Arts (VADA) department is producing the modern play Bob: A Life in Five Acts by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb. We essentially began rehearsals and working on this production on the first day of the second semester and will open on February 13th! Being in such a fast production has been a whirlwind of rehearsals, production meetings, and emails, but it has been a blast. It’s been great getting to know people from different colleges who are passionate about the same things I am.

The show is also really comical, so we spend a lot of our rehearsals laughing at each other, the script, and the different ways that each of the characters are physicalized on stage.¬†Getting to work with a guest director, to try out a wild and crazy scenes, accents, and actions as well as learning more about the acting processes makes it even more fun. One of my favorite moments so far is at the beginning of the show, our main character is born. We made the decision to use the full grown actor as a baby, instead of a doll baby. It has been so entertaining having our main character, a 6’1″, full grown man, squirm around the stage, speak in baby gibberish, and act like he can’t even hold his head up. At one point, his adopted mother, hides him under a table, and he lays down there squirming for the entire scene. As you can imagine, this is hilarious and often puts me, the director, and everyone around into a fit of laughter. The more and more we work through this show, the crazier it gets, but it’s been an amazing experience.

Being a part of this show is a great example of Theatre at Rice University, no matter what, you’re sure to have fun on stage at Rice.

In reherasal, the main character (Bob) hides under the table.

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