Free T-Shirt Complex

The more time you spend at Rice, the more free T-shirts you accumulate. Although they may mostly be blue and gray, your rainbow of T-shirts will show a good idea of your time spent here, and at the end of your four years, they will be able to tell you what is important to you. Though you are allowed to keep all 65 shirts you will have accumulated, most likely you won’t actually do so. There will be one pile that goes to the clothing donation box that Rice has at the end of each year, 20 that go to a loved one to be made into a T-Shirt Quilt, and the three that you will wear proudly until the end of time. These 23 T-shirts will show you your best memories, and everyone’s quilt is filled with different T-shirts.

Welcome Back Day T-shirts

This is the most popular T-shirt at Rice. At the festival put on by the Rice Program Council the day before classes start each year, this T-shirt is handed out to the vast majority of students on campus. This also means that you will not be able to escape this shirt. Someone will be wearing it every single day of the next however many years you have left. However, no matter how tired of this shirt you become, you will feel attached to it. This shirt is a physical common bond between you and every other student on campus. This shirt is where it all started (and this shirt is also served with incredible food at the festival). You will have a glimpse of nostalgia in your eye as you give this t-shirt up for donation, because although it carries memories, the memories that you make over your time at Rice have forged stronger bonds than any shirt ever could.


The T-shirt that will never be its original color

This T-shirt will probably be worn the least out of the T-shirts on your quilt. It was worn once, you had a crazy-messy-fun time, and it is now gross. You can wash it as many times as you want to, but not even the strongest of Tide-Pods will clean away the laughter that appears as a stain the size of the entire shirt. This shirt will statistically happen at Lovett College, who takes it upon themselves to host a Paint or Foam Party every year in the fall, and turn the campus-wide water balloon fight into a mud wrestling pit in the spring. Even though you may be scared to put it back on your body, it sure does look great in a quilt.


The Job Fair T-shirts

Sometimes, you have to do what you have to do. You see that soft, 100% cotton light blue tee and you muster up the guts to talk to a company you have no interest in because you WILL earn that shirt. There is no judgment, we’ve all been there, and most likely more than once. However, this shirt will never last. You’ll collect more career shirts at info sessions and through internships, displaying pride for your current company a few months at a time. But at that eighth career fair senior year, you aren’t going to muster anything up for a T-shirt, because you aren’t going to be at the Career Fair at all. You’ll be in your room, wearing one of the 3 T-shirts that you can’t bear to let go; because printed across the front is the name of the company you’ve always wanted to work for, and on your desk is a signed contract for your dream job.

The memories you make at Rice make getting dressed a whole lot more fun.

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