Question yourself

High school and college are rather transformative times in your life. Whether it’s college applications or deciding your major, people are constantly asking you things like “Who are you?”, “What do you want to do?”, and “Why do you want to do it?”. While some people might already have the next decade of their life planned out to the hour, others might lack the faintest idea of what they’ll have for dinner. No matter which side of the spectrum you fall, it’s always a good idea to explore the resources you have, because you never know how they might change your mind.

I started my first semester at Rice absolutely convinced I would be a pre-med. Through a combination of factors, including parental pressure and the environment I went to high school in, I felt that the best way to pursue my passion for medical research was to go to medical school and eventually experience patient care first hand. However, after attending presentations by the Office of Academic Advising (OAA), my conviction in my future as a doctor was definitely shaken. Then, after starting research in a synthetic biology lab, I had the chance to speak to a number of people that had similar academic interests, and realized how I could still apply my passion to medical research without being a pre-med. Without speaking to both my peers and faculty here at Rice, as well as taking advantage of the resources Rice offered me, I would have never come to such a realization.

So, no matter what you think your interests may be or the pressure put on you to make a decision, always take the opportunity to explore more about the options available to you. By taking that leap of faith and contemplating these existential questions, you might realize there’s more to your future than you’d think.

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