Be Amazed at Owl Days

Congratulations to those of you that have been admitted to Rice! Whether you have already paid your deposit or are still trying to make your college decision, I highly recommend attending Owl Days, a two-day program for admitted students that allows you to experience everything that Rice has to offer. Here are seven reasons why you should come to Owl Days:

#1: You’ll get to interact with current students—Staying with my host and her roommate gave me the opportunity to ask them questions about their classes, favorite activities, and the best (and worst) parts of the school year. There are some things about a school that you just can’t learn from a website—hearing from freshmen about their experiences as first-year students gave me a new outlook on what I could do with my time at Rice.

#2: Experience residential college life—Sleeping, showering, playing, eating, and lounging around a residential college during Owl Days gives you a feel for life as a Rice student. I enjoyed my time at Jones College during Owl Days even though it’s not where I ended up when I matriculated in the fall (Will Rice Will Sweep!)

#3: Eat in the serveries—Each of Rice’s serveries has a different menu, and at Owl Days you can try all the food our chefs have to offer!

#4: Learn your way around campus—Though I’ve lived near Rice my entire life, I realized that I didn’t know my way around campus as well as I thought I did when I attended Owl Days. Walking around campus between activities and lectures made me feel much more prepared to move into my dorm in August.

#5: Attend classes in your intended field(s) of study—I was nervous about going to a small English class during Owl Days, but I am so glad that I went. Sitting in on a course for my prospective major helped me feel right at home in the academic environment at Rice and reaffirmed my desire to study English as an undergraduate.

#6: Check out what different clubs have to offer—Seeing students share their passions for singing, dancing, acting, and performing reassured me that I could balance my schoolwork and hobbies as an Owl.

#7: Meet other prospective students—One of the best parts about Owl Days is getting to meet other admitted students. I had so much fun navigating Rice for a couple of days with people I met, some of whom became my classmates, fellow Will Ricers, and best friends at Rice. I went to Owl Days to see what Rice was all about, and I came back with memories to last a lifetime.

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