Happy Summer!

First of all, happy summer! Rice students have been out of school for roughly two and a half months now, which explains why the bloggers have been absentee lately. I am going to make a concerted effort, however, to post on a semi-regular basis until classes resume on August 26. This is the first summer that I am living on my own (relatively speaking, as I share an apartment with a friend) and it feels really good! I intern full-time at a local museum as part of the ExxonMobil Community Summer Jobs Program so my schedule pretty much consists of me working 9-5 Monday through Friday with the weekends completely free. Because my internship is paid (yay!) and it requires a certain amount of hours per week, I don’t receive any time off or vacation days. The fourth of July was a special exception, though, so I was able to experience July 4th in Houston for the very first time!

The Last Dance

The last week of classes is nearly always characterized by high stress levels, way too many presentations, and (with any luck) a review session or two before finals. This semester, however, I was enrolled in LPAP 144 (Lifetime Physical Activity Program: Introduction to Country Western). Luckily, this class didn’t have a final. Unfortunately, I wasn’t exactly off the hook. If you’re familiar with Rice’s graduation requirements, you may know that every student must graduate with 1 LPAP credit hour…. which explains why someone as bad at dancing as me would be in this class. It was super fun, though, and during our last day (a Thursday night, to be exact) each student paired up to present their final dance. I had a friend in the class, so selecting a partner was easy. Choreographing a full dance routine…. not so much. Our teacher filmed each performance, so enjoy mine! Be nice 🙂

Colin & Allison– Final Dance

Research Presentations

Last December a friend of mine told me about the National Conference of Undergraduate Research (NCUR) and encouraged me to apply with him. Although we had completed separate projects in different disciplines (he is an anthropology major and I am all about art history), our proposals were both accepted and we were invited to present at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in mid-April.

Interested in learning how I secured funding for the presentation? Or how I even conducted original research? Well, read on my dears!

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It’s Snowing!

… but not in Texas.

Several weeks ago I found myself caught in a snowstorm. And, in true snowstorm style, I reheated pizza and climbed into bed to do some reading, carefully positioning myself so as to optimally view the weather outside my window. As you may have guessed (although I did tell you in the first line), I wasn’t in Houston. Nope. I was somewhere much cooler (appreciate the pun). Continue reading

A Day with Dinosaurs (and Butterflies)

About two weekends ago Houston experienced an amazing phenomenon: spring came in January! Since it was still early in the semester (meaning that no midterm reviews were on my mind!), my best friend and I decided to abandon Fondren and take full advantage of Rice’s “Beyond the Hedges” program. Undergraduate students at Rice receive steep discounts at local (as well as distant… I’m thinking of the Renaissance Festival last October that was nearly an hour and a half away from campus) venues, including museums, restaurants, stores, and carnivals. Tickets to the Houston Museum of Natural Science are  completely free for Rice students, so we spent the day exploring the new paleontology hall and Cockrell Butterfly Center. Continue reading

The OC Life

Although I spent my first year living on campus at Lovett, I opted to move off-campus my sophomore year and am choosing to stay in my lovely apartment until graduation. While this does mean that I must wake up at least thirty minutes before each class so that I have time to park and walk across campus, it also means that I get all the benefits of living OC (off-campus)! I can cook and bake any time that I want, have a pool steps away from my door, and my windows actually open (yay!). My commute to Rice is less than 5 minutes, but I still prefer to brown bag my meals on my “heavy” class days in order to save time and gas.

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