Rice’s Victory Over Kansas!

Boswell's kick is good and RICE WINS!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s football season! We could not be more proud to be Owls this season! This post is specifically dedicated to the one game so far that rattled everyone. Which game? The Rice-Kansas game in which Rice’s amazing-award-winning kicker, Chris Boswell, drilled a 45-yard field goal as time expired to cap furious Rice rally and give the Owls their first victory over a Big XII school in history!

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Salman Khan’s Rice Commencement Speech 2012

Salman Khan was the commencement speaker this year at Rice University’s 99th commencement ceremony. “Khan is the founder of the Khan Academy, a free online education platform and not-for-profit organization that has made waves in the field of education. In 2004, Khan’s online tutorials for a young cousin gained a wider audience, and five years later he turned his collection of free educational videos into the online Khan Academy. Today, his more than 3,200 online tutorials attract 6 million viewers every month, and Time magazine recently named him one of the world’s 100 most influential people.” — Alyson Ward (writer in Public Affairs at Rice University, the full article is listed below).

Article: Khan urges graduates to ‘increase the positivity in the world’

YouTube Video: Salman Khan at Rice University’s 2012 Commencement

Congratulations to the Class of 2012!

Here’s to the Rice University Class of 2012! Each and every one of you deserve nothing but the highest commendation and respect. What an honor it is to graduate from such an amazing University!

Graduation from Rice is full of tradition: Every year since Rice was established in 1912, students matriculate into Rice by walking through the Sally Port (the main entrance of the most recognizable building on campus) from outside to inside, into the academic quad, representing the student’s entering into Rice. Furthermore, as per tradition, the graduating students walk back under the Sally Port after commencement, completing the cycle – graduating from Rice (photo to the right).

Below is a photo collage I’ve created complied of photographs from the graduation commencement this year at Rice. As you look through the collage, you will see various small ‘neck-bibs’ that the Rice graduates are wearing, the different colors here represent the different schools people are graduating from: George R. Brown School of EngineeringSchool of HumanitiesShepherd School of MusicWiess School of Natural SciencesSchool of Social Sciences, and Interdisciplinary and Other Academic Programs (eg. Cognitive Sciences, Applied Physics Program, click here for more examples). The different colored sashes people have draped around their neck represent which of the eleven colleges they are graduating with. Congratulations Class of 2012, you did it!

Photo credit belongs to: Chelsea F, Jacqueline R, Annie B, Zachary F, & Mathison I.

The Sunrise

With only ONE WEEK of my freshman year left (AH), I cannot believe how fast this year has progressed! I can’t even imagine what the seniors are going through (Matt) if I am already getting nostalgic about leaving Rice for a couple months in the summer! Those of you who regularly follow the blog know that we bloggers try our very best to paint a vivid picture of the amazing and unique life we have here at Rice, however, these posts will never be able to come near the real thing. Some features cannot even begin to be described, most notably: the feeling and true presence of community. Each Rice student is unique in a very special way, however, we are also alike in one major way: everyone here will go out of their way to reinforce the culture of care about Rice in an organic, unforced way. This is not an overnight realization, but a realization comprised of a thousand little events that made me realize Rice students are here for each other.

Good morning Houston! Lovett Hall is in the bottom left corner.

The above picture was taken from the 6th floor of Fondren Library at around 6:30 am one morning. No, this is not a common occurrence for me to be in the library that early in the morning, however, I had a chemistry test at 7:45 am, so I made the decision to cram my heart out and stay in the library all night studying. Naturally, since I become delusional without any sleep, around 2:30 I went down to the first floor, pushed two extremely big, comfortable chairs together and made a little “boat” to catnap in until 5:30 am. “Rested,” I went back up to the quite chambers of the 6th floor and continued to study material I easily could have studied before this hour. There were a couple other people on the 6th floor this early and at 6:30 they came over and pointed to the front big windows to look at something. I was in an extreme mental study zone before this, so I had no idea what was going on around me, but they led me to the huge windows on 6th floor with the other people who were in the room to see the sunrise. It was one of the most glorious, magical, amazing moments ever. An unforced community where people unthinkingly look out for each other.