Registration Frenzy!

It’s that time of the year again: registration for Fall classes! After a semester with the same schedule, it’s nice to start thinking about new classes for the next term. And, with the wealth of academic advising available, it’s pretty easy to figure out what classes I should take for major requirements and for fun [German Fairy Tales, anyone? Aw yeah.]

Incoming freshmen, which I’m assuming is the majority of readers of this blog, will receive academic advising both from older peers as well as from Rice professors during O-week. There are blocks of time for advising, so take advantage of it! Ask for opinions on classes and explore your options. Finally, don’t get too frustrated if you don’t end up with a specific class. Personally, I’m only signed up for 6 credit hours for next semester [12 is the minimum for a full time student…yeesh] because of class size limits for classes I wanted to take; it happens! Rice has many different classes to offer, and you have a lot of time to take classes in the future. Don’t try to take everything ASAP. Take it slow!

Second Semester Anticipation

It is now the second day of my second semester at Rice. I’m getting settled in, and I’ve been to all of my classes once. A mixture of difficult and light [mostly difficult, unfortunately] classes fill my schedule. I think I’ve hit my stride as a Rice student, and things have become routine for me, rather than being new discoveries. Sadly, the freshness of my first year has worn off, but I’m looking forward to being a real part of Rice, rather than an outsider in transition. I feel ready.



For many incoming freshmen, attending Rice is their first experience away from home. I know that, even though my house is a half-hour drive away, I miss my parents and my home. But sometimes, you get too caught up in the frenzy at Rice that you just don’t think about them. Continue reading