Doing (Sopho)more

Three weeks into the second semester, I can hardly believe my sophomore year is halfway over.  At the end of this semester, my time at Rice will be halfway over.  I’m a little scared by that, which is why this year I am doing as much as I can to take full advantage of the opportunities available on and off campus, even if that means getting out of my comfort zone.  At the end of my freshman year, I became the chair of my residential college’s service committee, an academic mentor at my college, and a Peer Career Advisor, and at the beginning of this year I became the lead tutor for a school in Houston ISD and part of the coordinating team for the Young Owls Leadership Program.  These roles have been nothing short of rewarding (or at times overwhelming), but I have to say that it’s often been the smaller things that have added to my experiences as a Rice sophomore.

At the end of last semester, I participated in Ritmo!, Rice’s Hispanic cultural club’s cultural show.  A few months before, a friend asked if I wanted to dance bachata (a dance/musical style from the Dominican Republic) for the show.  I was working on some homework and stressed out with other extracurricular activities, but I said yes and looked forward to relaxing and relieving some stress for a bit.  With each week, we learned more choreography and grew as a team, and by the time of the show, we were sad that our weekly practices would stop.  Ritmo has been my favorite experience so far this year, just because it showed me that great memories can come from taking risks and doing things you love.  These experiences are different for everyone, and there is such a diversity of opportunities here at Rice that everyone can find something they love.  Although I’m sad there isn’t an HACER cultural show in the spring, I can’t wait to see what memories and experiences this semester holds for me and the rest of the Rice community!

Our bachata group after Ritmo!

Ready for a (ASB)reak

Rice students are busy—busy with classes, labs, studying, jobs, volunteering, and friends. After several months here, students are ready for a break!  While many college students look forward to spring break as a week to get away from school and relax, at Rice, one special program gives Rice students the opportunity to engage in communities and keep busy during this week in spring: Alternative Spring Break!

What is an Alternative Spring Break (ASB)?  An ASB is a community-service and experiential learning project that groups of Rice students engage in during their spring break.  This year, the Community Involvement Center at Rice is organizing 17 ASB trips around the United States that deal with a variety of issues ranging from homelessness to wolf conservation.  If you want to read more about the ASB trips this year, click here! Continue reading