Rice Night at the Ballet!

Being in a big city like Houston has its perks; there’s always so much to do—spending a day in café with a friend over a cup of coffee, going to a concert at House of Blues, exploring the extensive food scene, wandering through the museums…the list goes on. Being at Rice makes enjoying all Houston […]

Saturday Salad Study Break

Somehow at the end of this semester, I found myself without any finals! So I decided to put my time to good use, and hosted one last event as this year’s food rep for my residential college. To foster an appreciation for whole foods, healthy eating, and cooking for oneself, I decided to host a […]

Fresh from the Farmers Market

gems from the Farmers Market Lately, the weather’s been amazing here! That is, aside from the plague of pollen that’s settled over campus. In anticipation of spring recess and going home (I’m from the suburbs of Houston), I decided to pay a visit to the Rice Farmers Market. The market is out at the West […]

May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor

Every year, my residential college, Jones, has held Floor Olympics, a competition among the various floors (and even OC—off campus) consisting of standard events such as dodgeball, sand volleyball, talent show, etc. Ultimately, the winning floor earns a cash prize and the all-important bragging rights. This year, one of the events took us all by […]