Wonderful Owl Communities

Yesterday at lunch, I was sitting with my RA (residential assistance), and he asked me what I love most about Rice during my first two months of life here. I thought for a while and answered, the community. Rice provides incredible communities for students to find their places and prosper. For me, the most important communities I belong to are the residential college and the academic community.


Some people say that the dormitories at Rice are not dormitories, but colleges. I say they are not colleges, but home. Before I came to Rice, I heard tons of nice things about the residential college system. After I arrived and started the fantastic O-Week, I finally realized what a unique and splendid life experience that the residential college offers. The one thing that I love most about it is that I never feel alone here. Whenever I feel bored or wanted to hang out with friends, all I have to do is go downstairs to the pool table or the lounge, and I can always find friends to play and chill with. Although I have been here for only two months, I already feel attached to my college. The residential college gave me a smooth and happy transition to my university life.


The academic community here is also wonderful. Students and faculty at Rice treat academics with seriousness. During work hours, students work hard to achieve their goals. The weeks around midterms are quite stressful for me, but my stress was cleared out quickly by classmates, TAs (teaching assistance), and the professors. In each class I can find friends to work with and talk about the class. Because students are all randomly assigned to residential colleges, I can always find people in my college that are in the same classes. Besides the study groups that I can find right next to me, the assistance provided by the faculty is essential as well. The TAs and professors for each class are ready to answer all the specific questions you have about the class. What if I have concerns about my majors and future academic plans? The academic advisors are there to talk to and they will help you plan your semester and your future.