Free Food!

As any good college student knows, one of the best things about college is that free food is literally everywhere. It’s the number one lure for getting people to leave their rooms or go to club events, and Rice is obviously no exception. There are literally so many places to get free food on campus. […]

Handling the Houston Humidity

One thing you’ll quickly learn about Houston is that it’s humid. Even on the warmest of summer days, you can step outside and instantly feel all that moisture in that air clinging to your skin. Welcome to Houston! I’m from Dallas, so I wasn’t used to the hot Houston summers when I first came here […]

How to Navigate Your Mid-Major Crisis

One of the greatest benefits of being a Rice student is the flexibility in declaring majors. It’s not like other universities, where switching majors is a long, arduous process with lots of paperwork. Here, you just get a single sheet of paper signed, and BAM, you’re done. For people who are undecided about their major, […]