College Courses (COLL)

This semester, I am taking a College Course called “Inequality and Mobility.” Every Monday for an hour, I get to take an in depth look at the causes and effects of income inequality in the United States.

Rice students, primarily upperclassmen, who are passionate about a particular topic and want to share it with their peers, teach college Courses. In order to teach a COLL, a student’s proposal must be accepted by the Dean of Undergraduates.

Taking a COLL has allowed me to absorb information in a stress-free and inquisitive environment. The class is only one credit hour and is graded on a satisfactory/nonsatisfactory scale, so it is not a huge time commitment. However, despite having the class only one hour per week, I have gained a lot from it, and the information I have learned will be useful in my future endeavors.

The Various Classes at Rice

My first semester of college is over! Time flies. Handing in the last essays, doing the last readings – all of these things felt bittersweet. On one hand, I know that this is just the beginning and I have three and a half years left, but on the other hand, I know that those three and a half years will pass by in a blink of an eye.

I’m going to miss the dynamic, enthusiastic lectures of my history professor every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I’m going to miss the engaging, humorous atmosphere in my sociology class. I’m going to miss discussing everything from lyric poetry to Shakespeare in my English class. I’m going to miss comparing and contrasting religious practices from all around the world in my religious studies class. Having the chance to learn such interesting things from such interesting professors has been an incredible experience, and I am looking forward to more next semester.

There is a plethora of courses to take at Rice. I’m an English major, so the majority of my classes are humanities-based, but there is a rich array of science, engineering, math, and social science classes as well. Even within the humanities department, there is everything from Intermediate Korean to Theory of Knowledge. In fact, there are so many classes I want to take, that it isn’t possible to fit them all into my schedule! My range of classes this semester has let me explore, learn, and grow – after taking Introduction to Sociology and Introduction to the Study of Religion, for instance, I know I want to take more courses in these fields.