Global Urban Lab!

It's a bird...It's a plane...It's Global Urban Lab!

Recently, posters like the one above have been cropping up around campus. What exactly is Global Urban Lab, you might ask? It certainly is not the type of lab that comes to mind when one mentions ‘chem lab,’ but is instead one of the many study abroad opportunities available to students here at Rice. Rather than fusing chemicals, Global Urban Lab (GUL) seeks to ‘fuse’ major cities across the world in order to shed light on and to address the challenges facing them today. GUL participants do so by performing investigative research in their city of choice (London, Istanbul, Buenos Aires, or Shanghai) on their theme of choice (healthcare, sports, transportation, immigration, or development).  Research aside, the programs also include internships and transferable social science credit.

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Trust me, I’m (almost) a doctor: Rice EMS

I’m a REMS baby. I strut around campus, throwing words like “supine” and “hypertensive and bradycardic” around like I know what they mean. I prance around in my all black outfit except for the yellow and white logo of Rice EMS and my pager, thinking I’m so cool even though it’s the nerdiest thing I’ve done to date including the time in high school when I was captain of Math Team and The Challenge . But this time, I love what I do. In a phrase, I get to save lives

What do you get when you put all of REMS in a room all day to learn advanced techniques? Silliness. You get silliness. This is Fall Training Day for REMS 2013. See if you can find me (I'm holding someone)


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