Rice Night at the Ballet!

Being in a big city like Houston has its perks; there’s always so much to do—spending a day in café with a friend over a cup of coffee, going to a concert at House of Blues, exploring the extensive food scene, wandering through the museums…the list goes on. Being at Rice makes enjoying all Houston has to offer that much easier, from free transportation on the Metro, discounts with the Hedgehopper program, to free admission at some museums and the zoo. On top of all that, Rice Program Council also provides free tickets to various events at the Wortham center—including operas, symphonies, and ballets. This most recent trip, I went with my friends to see the ballet performance for A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I was curious to see how the storyline could be conveyed without the use of words, and was thoroughly impressed by how well it was done. The costumes and stage sets were spectacular as well, second only to the dancing. The hours seemed to fly by, and all too soon the sound of applause resonated throughout the auditorium. Warmed by the happy ending, we made our way out the reception for Rice students following the show. The reception is always a hit with the students—rich desserts and friendly conversation await.  What better way to end the night than on a sweet note?



“There’s a Snake in My Boot!”: Screw Yer Roommate 2013

Screw Yer Roommate (colloquially known as simply ‘Screw’ at Rice) is a Rice tradition coordinated by the Rice Program Council in which students set up their roommates with the roommate of an acquaintance or friend, similar to that of a blind date. Screw’s purpose is to connect students to each other who may or may not have a chance to be friends otherwise. Traditionally, roommates either set up their friends with Screw dates that fit their romantic or platonic interests, or they screw each other over by choosing a date completely opposite from their roomie’s preferences (hence the ‘screw’ in Screw Yer Roommate). Because Screw typically happens on Friday evenings, couples form groups and go out to dinner or another outing to hang out and get to know each other better. For those of you wary of blind dating or dating in general, the event is more of a chance to make friends that you normally wouldn’t get the chance to meet in a low-key group date setting. I’ve participated in Screw for the two years I’ve been at Rice, and I am now good friends with my dates from both years.

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