Congratulations to the Class of 2012!

Here’s to the Rice University Class of 2012! Each and every one of you deserve nothing but the highest commendation and respect. What an honor it is to graduate from such an amazing University!

Graduation from Rice is full of tradition: Every year since Rice was established in 1912, students matriculate into Rice by walking through the Sally Port (the main entrance of the most recognizable building on campus) from outside to inside, into the academic quad, representing the student’s entering into Rice. Furthermore, as per tradition, the graduating students walk back under the Sally Port after commencement, completing the cycle – graduating from Rice (photo to the right).

Below is a photo collage I’ve created complied of photographs from the graduation commencement this year at Rice. As you look through the collage, you will see various small ‘neck-bibs’ that the Rice graduates are wearing, the different colors here represent the different schools people are graduating from: George R. Brown School of EngineeringSchool of HumanitiesShepherd School of MusicWiess School of Natural SciencesSchool of Social Sciences, and Interdisciplinary and Other Academic Programs (eg. Cognitive Sciences, Applied Physics Program, click here for more examples). The different colored sashes people have draped around their neck represent which of the eleven colleges they are graduating with. Congratulations Class of 2012, you did it!

Photo credit belongs to: Chelsea F, Jacqueline R, Annie B, Zachary F, & Mathison I.