A Thoughtful Tuesday on the Topic of Admissions

Alexa play “This is The Day” by The The. March 26th. A Tuesday. For thousands of kids out there, today is the day Rice Admissions come out. The day you find out if your future includes Rice. The wait will finally be over after months of anxious email checking and stress eating. As you prep for the release of admissions in the afternoon, make sure to take a deep breath. Below are some final thoughts to think on while you count down the remaining hours:

Rice may be a great college. Arguably, one of the best in my opinion. However, it may not be the right choice for everyone. Weigh your options accordingly and pick the place you are going to feel the happiest at. Big college names mean nothing when it comes to experience and education. Wherever you feel safest and wherever you feel you can obtain the best education suited for your needs is where you should choose to go come August.

A college decision doesn’t define you. Whether you are accepted, rejected, or waitlisted, at one school doesn’t mean you will never end up at that school. Some schools with higher rankings may accept you while lower ranked colleges won’t. With so many different colleges in the U.S. alone, there is bound to be some college that accepts you. So, fear not, young whippersnapper, there is still time to find the one. If anything, college decisions are like dating experiences. At the end of the first date, you are basically asking the college if they would be interested in a second date. Rejection will hurt but there is always another shot be it as a transfer student or a grad student.

Waitlist doesn’t mean rejection either. You should consider it an honor that the particular college thinks you are a great fit for the college and would take you if there were more available spots. You would be surprised at the number of students who get in off the waitlist too. Hold on to hope but keep looking at backup colleges too.

Finally, don’t flex your admission to Rice too hard. Not everyone gets in and not everyone likes to hear about someone else’s achievement. No matter how you celebrate or when you check, no one remembers. No one will care how you celebrated getting into Rice in a year. The only thing that truly matters is what you do after finding out. How will you finish your last year of high school? How will you remain focused in college? What will become of you?

A school will never define who you are as a person. A college won’t be your end all be all. You have to follow your dreams, your goals, your aspirations no matter where it takes you. Celebrate how far you have come, no matter what result you get today.