Avoiding Burnout at Rice

Author: Jacob D., ’23

As most know, Rice is a highly ranked institution, and of course with that comes the rigor of such a university. In this atmosphere, some students find it easy to get burnt out throughout the semester. However, at Rice there are many solutions to avoiding burnout.  Across campus, options are provided to help students take a break away from their studies and redirect their attention.

  1. Study Breaks: In the residential colleges, RAs hold study breaks regularly. These have a wide range of activities from tacos and Topo Chico to cookie decorating for the holidays.
  2. Rice Program Council Activities: Throughout the year, the Rice Program Council holds late night activities for students to set aside the books and enjoy some time with their friends. These have ranged from making stuffed animals, opportunities to explore Houston off campus, and even a haunted house for Halloween.
  3. Therapy Dogs: Around finals each semester, Fondren Library has dogs for students to take a break from their cramming. These dogs offer students a way to relieve some stress and remember their furry friends at home.
  4. Houston: Of course, Rice is also in one of the largest cities in the U.S., so even if nothing on campus interests you to take a break from your studies, you can use Rice’s Beyond the Hedges program to explore Houston as a great break.

As you can see, Rice has much to offer both on and off campus in order to make sure students are enjoying themselves throughout the year.