Pre-Med Culture

Author: Cyrus W., ’23

When people think of pre-medical students, things like stiff competition, backstabbing, and generally stressful environments are often some of the first things to come to mind. However, in my experience, the pre-med culture at Rice is just the opposite. Despite the rather large amount of aspiring pre-meds at Rice, the hypercompetitiveness that often manifests in the “cutthroat culture” associated with pre-meds is essentially eliminated by the prevailing culture of cooperation and support.

In recent years, Rice has boasted its “culture of care”, a value that permeates almost all aspects of student life with academics being no exception. While of course all pre-med students strive to perform as well as possible academically, very few would want to do so at the expense of their peers. In fact, many students would actually go out of their way to help support a classmate academically. Furthermore, many instructors even encourage cooperation between students on assignments and when studying. As such, Rice’s pre-med culture is extremely cooperative and works to foster not only academic success but friendships between students.

Being a pre-med student, like any other student, poses a unique set of challenges and stressors. However, Rice’s pre-med are every bit as supportive of each other as they are cooperative. Because most pre-meds share many required courses, they tend to spend quite a bit of time together, sharing many similar stressors as well as fairly strong friendships. This effectively augments the supportive nature of Rice’s pre-med culture providing students with a wide and varied support system.

Overall, Rice is a great place to be a pre-med. Students work to lift each other up instead of tearing each other down and are generally happy to be a shoulder to lean on when needed.