Employment Opportunities on Campus

Author: Alice L., ’22

For those participating in a Work-Study program to those wanting to make a little extra money on the side from a job that lets you work from the comforts of campus, there are many opportunities available for you at Rice. The online job database Handshake (frequently used by the Center for Career Development) provides a very user-friendly, comprehensive list of jobs that can be narrowed down to those just on-campus. They can range from academic tutoring positions to customer service. Handshake only posts official opportunities, but you can also find applications just walking around campus!


From what I’ve heard, on-campus jobs, at least those that are part-time, are very flexible and sometimes student-run. More often than not, your supervisors or bosses are very understanding of how busy and stressful undergraduate life can get. As a result, they work with you to work around your academics and extracurriculars and re-schedule shifts every semester when students get new classes.


My experience with working on-campus is at the Info Desk at the Rice Memorial Center. I got hired at the Info Desk in the Rice Memorial Center (RMC) and had only learned that they were hiring because of a stack of applications on the desk that I saw when I was passing by. I interviewed with the two student supervisors and the adult staff member of the RMC and began working around 7-10 hours a week at the desk. The student supervisors are responsible for creating the work schedule, and they get input from us on what times we can or cannot work and how many hours a week we’d prefer to work, which is a process that happens every semester. Working during breaks happens on a voluntary basis, and requesting for someone to take a shift or claiming one is as easy as sending an email to our email list.


In general, on-campus jobs can be very low-key, stress-free, easy ways to earn some money while not having to sacrifice a ton of your free time or your focus on academics.