SA/GSA Research Mixer

Last Monday, I had the opportunity to mingle with graduate students doing fascinating research and to eat wonderful Thai food at the SA (Student Association)/GSA (Graduate Student Association) Research Mixer. The graduate students represented the schools of Humanities, Social Sciences, Engineering, and Natural Sciences. There was something out there to learn for everyone! I had […]

UNIV 110: First Year Foundations

Wrapping up my freshman year at Rice, I can honestly say that one of the most influential classes I took was UNIV 110: First Year Foundations. As the name suggests, this class is geared towards helping new students navigate their first year (and beyond) at Rice. It exposes them to the many resources and opportunities […]

College Courses (COLL)

This semester, I am taking a College Course called “Inequality and Mobility.” Every Monday for an hour, I get to take an in depth look at the causes and effects of income inequality in the United States. Rice students, primarily upperclassmen, who are passionate about a particular topic and want to share it with their […]

New Perspectives on War

Where can you see thought-provoking images of war with your friends, complete with a one-hour tour given by one of the curators? At the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. On Wednesday, I, along with several other members of McMurtry, my residential college, had this opportunity. One of our Resident Associates (a faculty member who […]