Be Amazed at Owl Days

Congratulations to those of you that have been admitted to Rice! Whether you have already paid your deposit or are still trying to make your college decision, I highly recommend attending Owl Days, a two-day program for admitted students that allows you to experience everything that Rice has to offer. Here are seven reasons why […]

Debunking Owl Days Myths

It’s mid-April, Rice, so brace yourselves: the prospies are coming. Owl Days is this week, Admit Days are today and next Monday – it’s the time of year when Rice welcomes on campus the hundreds of admitted prospective students – fondly called “prospies” – and helps them fall in love with Rice the same way we […]

Life Before Acceptance

It would be a little bit of an understatement to say that I am in love with Rice. Ever since middle school, I’ve dreamed of wearing the blue and gray colors of our school. My adoration and respect for everything Rice began with a small project in eighth grade that required us to pick one […]

Senior Interviewing

Hello, prospective students (particularly seniors)! Application deadlines are on the horizon, and I just wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the optional interview. Although interviews are by no means required to complete an application, I always encourage potential students to sign up for one. An interview is an excellent opportunity for you to […]

Rice Message Boards

Eager for more student perspectives regarding Rice’s campus life and culture? Be sure to head over to the Rice Message Boards which may be found at All of the bloggers are there, as well as other members (there are lots of us!) of Rice’s Student Admission Council. If you have any suggestions for message […]