Rice Village

Author: Alice L., ’22 Rice Village is a little shopping district within walking distance from the stadium end of the Rice University campus, and it’s a major hotspot for Rice students to hang out. There are a number of small, local clothing shops and boutiques (Lily Rain, The Impeccable Pig) along with more ubiquitous brands […]

Things To Do Around Rice

Author: Janai K., ’23 As an out-of-state student, part of why I choose Rice is because of Houston and everything it has to offer. During my first semester at Rice, I have found that there are many different things that make living in Houston very entertaining.    Rice Village One place students go often is […]

Spring Break at Rice

Spring has finally arrived to the city of Houston. After a rather cold and dreary winter, at least by Texas standards, the sun has finally decided to show its brilliant face. Through the stress of midterms and problem sets, we as a school have collectively survived. This has created bonds between each and every single […]

Handling the Houston Humidity

One thing you’ll quickly learn about Houston is that it’s humid. Even on the warmest of summer days, you can step outside and instantly feel all that moisture in that air clinging to your skin. Welcome to Houston! I’m from Dallas, so I wasn’t used to the hot Houston summers when I first came here […]

A Recipe for Your Life at Rice

Function Name: August Input: Nervousness, homesickness, uncertainty Output: Surprise, warmth, and culture of care Algorithm: Participate in I-PREP (International-Preparation and Regulatory Education Program) and O-Week to experience the craziest and funniest week of your life, receive postcards and personal letters written wholeheartedly by o-week advisors on move-in day and a group of o-week brothers and […]

Being Vegetarian at Rice

Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or just thinking about switching to a more plant-based diet, you may be wondering: How am I going to eat once I get to college? Especially in Texas, a state known for its barbecue, you may wonder if the meat-free options here are just as delicious. If you have a meal […]