Social Science Owl: Claire Noel

Most people think of Rice as a STEM focused school with most students majoring in natural science or engineering. I used to think the same thing and came into this university wanting to pursue a degree in natural science. However, I quickly found out that the people around me were not all studying science and […]

The Wide World of Rice Research

The word “research” is a confusing term. When I was applying to colleges, a full four years ago (woah), it was one of those buzzwords I thought to include in my application without having a really good sense about what it would mean for me, someone interested in English, History, German Studies, and Political Science. […]

Full-Time Student, Part-Time Worker

As a college student, I already have a lot of responsibilities on my plate, ranging from academics to my extracurriculars to maintaining strong relationships with my friends. Another one of these responsibilities is my job. Last summer, I worked for OpenStax, a non-profit organization that utilizes openly-licensed resources to make free textbooks for students. I […]