The A-Team, Explained

Author: Cynthia G., ’23 Rice is recognized for its Residential College system. Within each of our 11 residential colleges on campus we have a group of adults (the Adult Team, or A-team) who, together with the student-composed Executive Council, work to ensure that the college continues running smoothly.  The A-Team is composed of the Magisters, […]

Friendships at Rice

I used to be really good at making new friends, way back when I was six or seven and a carefree elementary school student. It was easy to walk up to someone I didn’t know and just start talking and be best friends five minutes later. Over time, I think I’ve lost my touch at […]

One Semester Later

After spending three and a half amazing weeks back home in New Zealand, I started off my second semester at Rice walking into my dorm room to be warmly greeted by roommate, Oland, and suitemates, Diego and Ranferi. Just one semester ago, we begun as three complete strangers who had not known of each other’s […]

Wonderful Owl Communities

Yesterday at lunch, I was sitting with my RA (residential assistance), and he asked me what I love most about Rice during my first two months of life here. I thought for a while and answered, the community. Rice provides incredible communities for students to find their places and prosper. For me, the most important […]