Comparison Explored!

Author: Grace I., ’23 There are two things I know about comparison, and those things are: comparison is inevitable, and comparison isn’t always bad. To expand on the latter though, the fact that I said that comparison isn’t always bad means that there are times when it can be bad, which I think it’s more […]

What to Expect From Rice Orientation Week

Author: Josuha M., ’23 For all new students at Rice, their first formal introduction to college life will be Orientation Week, or O-Week. This event is taken very seriously by students and faculty, and is planned for months in advance. The week-long affair kicks off with move-in day, and continues with packed schedules of a […]

Employment Opportunities on Campus

Author: Alice L., ’22 For those participating in a Work-Study program to those wanting to make a little extra money on the side from a job that lets you work from the comforts of campus, there are many opportunities available for you at Rice. The online job database Handshake (frequently used by the Center for […]

Pre-Med Culture

Author: Cyrus W., ’23 When people think of pre-medical students, things like stiff competition, backstabbing, and generally stressful environments are often some of the first things to come to mind. However, in my experience, the pre-med culture at Rice is just the opposite. Despite the rather large amount of aspiring pre-meds at Rice, the hypercompetitiveness […]